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The revolution will be televised.


Cell Cinema Mission statement.

By joining professional grade cine lenses, high-tech cell-cine rigs, pro audio and lighting with a standard cell phones, like the one in your pocket….anyone with some savvy, passion, and the right information,  can make a cinema quality feature film or documentary.   

Stories which could never been shot and shown before , due to a lack of funds, are now possible.  

 The true revolutionary power of helping make use of the equipment already in people’s hands is what CellCinema is all about.  


Get Involved with the Cell Cinema movement

Be in our upcoming Feature: Aquarius Awakened: A musical Revolution. Please email Due to the “Bipolar” theme of the movie, we especially welcome actors and musicians who have struggled with the disorder.

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How would you like to participate, i.e. share my reel, PA, fundraise, invest.
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Cell Cinema is currently offering part-time non-paid internships for Summer/fall. Compensation will be in the form of access to our state-of-the-art equipment for their own projects, and a vital experience with a nonprofit start-up.

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We are looking with companies and artists to participate in our funding campaign. All ideas are welcome. We are planning gala events, screenings of cell cinema shorts/feature films. Lastly, as we are being accepted for our 501c3 nonprofit status we are accepting non-deductible donations. If you would like to help us throw a fundraiser, or any other fundraising activity, please fill out the short form under the participate section, to your left or above if you’re on a cell phone.